Students Auto Transport

Why college students prefer Ship-Quotes:

Safe to home and campus

Moving to college is a complicated and often emotional task. Don’t fret, get a car to and from campus the old fashioned way.

No driving alone

You don’t want to risk getting into a car accident. Ensure a smooth trip to and from campus, by using Ship-Quotes for their nationwide car transport. Why students use Ship-Quotes to get their car to campus:

Extra luggage allowed

You are allowed to keep one suitcase or box with personal items (under 100 lbs.) in the trunk of your car at no additional charge. The assigned trucker has the right to check the trunk for unlawful items.

Save time

If you drive across half the country, you’ll shorten the lifespan of your car by adding miles and you also have to go through the hassle of lenghty driving through different states.

Why students use Ship-Quotes to get their car to campus:

Nationwide leader

Ship-Quotes placed eighth on Crain’s Chicago Business Fast 50 List of fastest-growing companies. Additionally, we are a proud member of Inc. 500 named as one of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in America.

Affordable auto transport

We know that college students don’t exactly have deep pockets. With benefits like our ‘Discounted Cash Price’ payment option, Ship-Quotes is ready to work with any sized budget.

Flexible door-to-door pickup and delivery options

People who are moving and relocating book orders with Ship-Quotes every day. We have experience in transporting cars for both small and large households with convenient pick-up and delivery options.

Excellent customer service available on Live Chat

Whenever you want to check how far your car is from campus (or how close it is to being back home), just hop onto our Live Chat link and ask for an update!

College students’ and teachers’ best choice of

Open Transport

Enclosed Transport

Expedited Shipping

Why choose Ship-Quotes for your car shipment

Ship-Quotes sets the bar within the car shipping industry with more than a decade of experience and a network of over 15,000 car-carriers. Our goal is to find the best solutions for each customer. We have an A+ rating by BBB and a 5-star customer satisfaction ranking with My Moving Reviews.

Frequently asked questions when college kids are shipping a car

Can you pick up/deliver cars to or from a campus?

Yes! Ship-Quotes has tons of experience shipping to and/from every campus across the country. If the final destination is located on a narrow or tight street, the truck driver may need to coordinate a dropoff location as close to campus as possible.

Are student auto transport discounts available?

At this time we do not offer student discounts. We do, however, offer returning customer discounts.

Can I keep personal items in the car?

Yes if you’re transporting your car only by land. If this is the case, you can have free of charge up to 1 piece of luggage, such as a suitcase or a bag, of up to 100 lb. placed in the trunk or cargo area only. If transporting your car over water (to somewhere like Hawaii) you cannot ship personal items in your vehicle. The vehicle must be completely empty of personal belongings, except for factory installed equipment or the Port will reject it.

Do I need to be present at pickup and dropoff locations?

You don’t personally need to be at the pickup location, but it is highly recommended that you have a representative at both the pickup and delivery points (if you cannot be there personally). The representative must be at least 18 years of age. At both pickup and delivery, you (or your pickup representative) will need to inspect the vehicle and mark any damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL) before signing it.